Sony Ericsson F305, a Wii Cellphones

Among the slew of boring news, such as Sony Ericsson choked my inbox today, the new Sony Ericsson F305 is characterized by, if only because the PR people to cram the words "gambling" and "games" in the press release 41 (forty!) Multiplication .

This shows their enthusiasm about mobile's motion sensor, so-called 'Motion Gaming ". Imagine Nintendo's Wii, except that the display when you view the game itself Nunchuk, making the results of your manic winkenden completely invisible. The three delivered title called "Bowling", "bass fishing" and "Jockey", and we suspect they play in public would be the social equivalent frottaging a mop on the stage during a hypnosis show embarrassing.

The F305 is stored as a D-Pad and two dedicated keys game, and it is an optional keychain Power Pack, so that the battery boost. Otherwise you will find no surprises. It plays the music. It has a 2MP camera. It has speakers for all angry at the bus. And it will be in stores just in time for Christmas.