PMP & GPS device BlueNavi N7000


I think this would be a great combination between Multimedia and GPS Devices. Korean manufacturer BlueNavi's devices have somehow managed to elude us until now, but thanks to the folks at AVING we've finally got a taste of what we've been missing -- which, for some reason, all seems so familiar. Still, the company's new N7000 looks to be a decent enough unit for anyone in the market for the status quo, with it boasting a 7-inch touch screen, a built-in DMB TV tuner, picture-in-picture functionality, and some nifty-looking mapping abilities, not to mention the usual array of PMP features. If you're still on the fence about it, you can find more details and plenty more pictures of the device by hitting up the read link below.

New Samsung J210


This is basically an improved J200 and features a 1.8 inch 260K 176x20 display, microSD support, built in 25 MB of memory, measures 97x46x15.9 mm, weighs 65 grams, bluetooth, USB and GSM 900/1800/1900MHz/EDGE support.

Zen Creative's 32GB

It may be too late to snag one, get it delivered and wrap it with heaps of love before next Tuesday (or not), but if an IOU will do, we've found a stunning candidate for a last minute gift. Creative's long awaited 32GB Zen has finally moved beyond the pre-order stage, which means anxious to-be owners can at long last place an order and expect shipment shortly thereafter. $349.99 and it's yours, all yours.
via engadget