Dewi Dewi 'Recycle +' mp3 Download Part 1

My wife request these album to download the mp3 files of Dewi - Dewi with track Album 'Recycle +'
So, I want shared these collection with you. Here's the list :
Roman Picisan - Download
Separuh Nafas - Download

The rest of album I'll try to download tomorrow :)

Nokia N73 Music Edition, Blogging your live

After seeing the technical specification from N73 Music Edition this indeed showed the development features that was enough significant compared to N73 release beforehand.
I liked his capability as Mobile Gadget that was complete with the Video multimedia support and Audio that were stable, also the supporter of the connection of 3G. Even it's not HSDPA yet but already OK for the Internet activity like blogging, chatting, and browsing.
Moreover as a person blogger, had gadget like Nokia N73 this was very supportive the activity blogging him.
With facilities camera had a capacity of 3,2 clouds pixels and recording the video that reached 1,5 hours already more than enough to be able to diupload through the internet with the speed 3G. Other that was important enough that is Symbian 9,1 - Nokia S60 3rd Edition, could increase the performance of the activity a day - the day like to office, the internet, game, etc..
From the side style I personal liked the black colour, so was not flawed for me.
Navigation of the normal mobile phone model really made me more was used to it than the computer model of QWRTY except using Nokia Communicator.
One lack that from long before now made me not more comfortable was loading early OS him and was impressed slow, but after being used to it with gadget Nokia I thought that has become something that was natural.

Mobile Translation

Do you often go International, I mean you're often traveling to many country like Asia, Europe, America. The difficulty of mother tongue become a big problem when have to make a conversation or read anything in that place.
It is time you get use the technology near you. I'm sure you already have a mobile gadget or laptop. You need to access an internet to get a Hindi Translation for example or Arabic translation if you're at Madinah or other place that need Arabic language in there. Need a laptop to translate from the Internet, I think it's wasting time and it will bothering you.
I like mobile gadget like PDA, Smartphone, and maybe Regular Handphone with Java support. There are many universal translation that can brought to our gadget. I can use those application to translate like India translation or else. The Translation India looks more unique because it has different kind of typo. It's need more patients to write the text, but if you need some agreement letter to translate then you need a professional translator you can find at the internet by googling with your gadget or this website India translation if you need a Hindi Translation.