Picking Camcorder for you

Here's some Camcorder reviews with some brand release this year. As all we know some big branded like JVC Camcorders, Sony Camcorder, Canon Camcorder, Panasonic Camcorder. Panasonic introduce new Palmcorder the Mulcam Camcorder is PV-GS12 has SD Card and light weight but has powerful features. But when you bought this camcorder there are no software was included. I think to has the best shot it takes the best vendor software to convert into Video and produce it.

Let say SONY is one of the famous Digital Media and he has many good gadget and here one of the best product from SONY is DCR-DVD205, it has the carl zeis lenses and this high quality product and it is cheap right now because it's only 1MP with 12x optical zoom.

There are still some product that I will explore later in the other articles and finally Flip Video Camcorder, the perfect camcorder with USB connector. You can use this for daily recording and not for the pro. This Camcorder can run till 60 minutes to use with high quality video compression. If you want to take a shot for rare moment or special moment, my suggestion is use Canon, JVC, SONY, or Panasonic. Because they are the pro for the camcorders.

Samsung going to release SGH-G400

After Samsung release the economic version with Samsung J210, Samsung will release SGH-G400 aka G400 aka "Soul" is a clamshell HSDPA phone @ 7.2Mbps, featuring a 2.2" internal screen and external 2.2" touchscreen. 5MPx digital camera with AutoFocus, image stabilizer, automatic face recognition, wide area revision function, FM radio, multimedia player... All this at just 15.2mm of thickness... Isn't it Cool ? Let's wait till June This year.